Check PNR Status in a Single Click

Indian Railways is one of India`s most Largest and busiest railway networks in the world .Indian Railways is a department owned and managed by the Government of India. Today, Indian Railways transports 25 million passengers operates about 9,000 passenger trains across twenty-eight states and two union territories and more than 3 million tones of goods are transported daily and have largest commercial employers in the world, with more than 1.8 million employees.

Indian Railways is the most convenient source of travelling in the Indian Sub-Continent where it has the different types of passenger classes such as second class, sleeper class, AC-class and even more. Indian Railways provides the facility of booking tickets online through IRCTC.

What is this PNR Status?

It is named as Passenger Name Record, it is basically a 10 digit number which identifies each booking made and saves into a computer, which gives the information about travelling and berth status. As with the help of this PNR number the passenger will get to know his ticket booking status, can modify or cancel his booking. As soon as a booking is done, the computer system generates a PNR number which will be specific to that booking. In case we are booking via counter, PNR number written on the top left corner of our ticket. By checking PNR number we can know the PNR Status, i.e. Ticket is confirmed or not in case it was in the waiting line when we booked the ticket.

All we have to do is to submit our 10 digit PNR number to the pnrstatusinfo website and it will check the status of our ticket.

How to check the status Once the booking is done there are many ways in which we can check the PNR status. Basically by having a PNR number for each booking, the railway authorities make sure that they can keep track of the people travelling via Indian Railways. Apart from this, it also makes it easier for the passengers as they can track the status of the ticket easily just with the help of the PNR number. We can certainly say that the PNR number is basically a way for the Indian Railways to identify the booking but surely to the benefit of the passengers .