What is PNR Number ?
Railway PNR Status or PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record". This is an unique ten digit code provided to railway passengers while booking their rail ticket.

Enter 10-digit PNR number

How Railway PNR Number works ?
PNR is a ten digit Indian railway passenger record number carries information related to one's railway ticket status or irctc booked tickets. Somehow while booking your railway ticket you would have find that some of the rails don't have available seats or are having waiting list or RAC. The waiting list and RAC passengers are managed against any cancellation of tickets. Now as we are not an Indian railway staff, so it will be difficult for us to stay at the railway offices and keep watching the ticket status. So Railway PNR status can state the current situtaion about our tickets and its seats status.

How to know PNR status?

which you can know the PNR status of your train ticket are listed below.
  • 139 is the number that you should call if you need to verify your PNR status. This helpline provides IVRS service. You can type the PNR number in your telephone and get its latest status. You can also type ‘PNR’ followed by the number and text it to 139 through your mobile phone.
  • IRCTC mobile phone app is available for free download from the internet. You can download this app in your phone and use it to get PNR status.
  • There are four numbers that you can use for texting from your mobile phone for latest updates – 139, 58888, 5676747 and 9773300000. Among the four, only the last one is toll free. It is a service provided by Google. You have to pay the premium charges for the other numbers. 
    • Example: “PNR2525674587” to 139 and check PNR Status on mobile with ease.
    • Another way is to send an SMS which will be containing your PNR “10-digit PNR No.” and send it to 58888.
  • You can sign up for mobile alerts on PNR status by contacting the customer care of your mobile phone network provider.
  • If you stay in one of the four metros, you can dial 139 followed by the 10 digit PNR number for latest status.
  • The websites that will give you the latest PNR status are Railways, rediff and cleartrip. Most of the other websites direct you to the official website of Indian Railways